An Open Letter to Stan Kasten

Dear Stan Kasten,

Thank you for the form letter I received today thanking me for my support of the Los Angeles Dodgers and detailing the renewal information for my season tickets. As a 2012 season-ticket holder, please allow me a few words for whoever reads this letter in lieu of you.

Ownership’s supposed level of commitment to winning in 2013 is built upon a troubling organizational decision to both take on and award enormous long-term contracts to players who are over the age of 30. Not only this, but the quality of talent sure to take the field in 2013 and beyond has been experiencing a noticeable decline in performance over the past few years.
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Greatness vs. Greatness

Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera will be the American League MVP. Either is the right choice, but who had the better season?

Trout had a 10.7 WAR. Not sure just how amazing this number is? It qualifies as the 26th best mark of all time, excluding the dead ball era. He played a premium defensive position and played it well. He led the league in stolen bases.

Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown, a feat only achieved by 17 men in the history of the game and not since Carl Yastrzemski’s epic 1967 season. He also had an OPS of .999, the best mark in the league. He played third base and was pretty meh.
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The Disaster that is the New York Yankees – Part One

The Yankees are getting obliterated by the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS. Why is a team that was demonstrably better in the regular season about to get swept? First, Joe Girardi has done a terrible job as manager. Second, bad luck. Third, the playoffs are inherently a roll of the dice.

To Girardi. He has always been a bit obsessive and controlling. Remember, this is the guy who chose to walk a career .225 BA/.301 OBP/.356 SLG hitter to load the bases in order to get a better matchup in the first inning of the first game of the 2012 season. As absurd as that move was, it paled in comparison to the move he didn’t make in the 9th inning of game 3 of the ALCS. Continue reading