Hitler Hates Esquire Magazine

esq-megan-fox-cover-0213-lgNothing has made me laugh harder in recent memory than Esquire’s February cover story on Megan Fox. It’s spectacularly awful in every way. Here’s a link to the full article – http://www.esquire.com/features/megan-fox-photos-interview-0213

If the myriad of funny responses excoriating the piece that are easily found with any Google search containing ‘Esquire Megan Fox’ does not entertain you on a slow day at the office, please enjoy Hitler’s spirited defense of a young actress who used to think very highly of Marilyn Monroe.


Politicians Are Annoying. And Other Shocking Surprises.

obamaObama’s press conference detailing his 23 executive orders designed to curb gun violence was an exercise in the worst excesses/lowest common denominator of political language, highlighted by putting a bunch of children front and center and reading excerpts from letters they wrote on why people who shoot people are mean. Nothing like letting your ideas speak for themselves free from crass manipulation. I’m surprised a staffer didn’t direct the kids to look directly into the camera and plead with the House of Representatives to make the world a safer place for their friends and family.

Parading a bunch of cute kids in front of the camera serves only to highlight how little the president believes in the power of his argument to sway the general public on its merits. And why should he? His entire approach is wrong.
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