St. Louis – May 18th


Gordon went 0-5 against the Cardinals on Friday night and he didn’t get a ball out of the infield. His batting average is .200, his on-base percentage is .239. and his OPS is .494. Only seven players in all of major league baseball get on base less often than Gordon. Only five have a lower OPS.

This cannot continue, as much as Dodger management is clearly hell bent on playing Gordon, his production simply isn’t up to major league standards. It’s not even close to major league standards. You could put a below-average player, not even an average one mind you, into his slot and they would dwarf his production. The kid needs to be dropped from the leadoff spot immediately, and the more likely scenario at this point is to send him to the minor leagues for a while. There is absolutely no legitimate justification for continuing to give one of the worst hitters in all of baseball the most at-bats on your team. It’s beyond idiotic.

The one legitimate question to ask is not whether someone could do better offensively, because it’s unimaginable for anyone to do worse, but whether Gordon’s defense justifies his presence as a starter in the big leagues. Let’s take a look.

He leads the major leagues in errors for shortstops with 10 in 32 starts, so that’s pretty awful. His range factor is 4.57. This is a way to gauge how many balls the player can get to, and this is a pretty solid number, ranking 12th in the majors. Gordon is 20th in turning double plays and his defensive wins above replacement (dWAR) is -0.1, which is below average, though the – before the 0.1 probably tipped you off to that.

So the reality is that he’s an okay defensive player, a bit below average really. Too many errors, but his range is good, he turns a respectable double play and he’s very young so these numbers are likely to improve.

But his defense is clearly not good enough to allow for his astonishingly awful offensive production. Enough is enough.


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